russell kennard

Russell Kennard


Integrating Excellence

“ My focus is about Integrating Excellence within businesses and organisations.

This is about maximizing the potential for efficiency and harmony in your workplace with your employees, their work relationships, management protocols, and workplace attitudes.”

Qualifications and Experience

About the author

Russell Kennard a Management Consultant who has had extensive experience in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Personal Development, Group Dynamics and Education. He has a Masters Degree in Psychology and has trained in various traditional and fringe psychotherapies including Hypnotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Art Therapy, and Meditation.

Russell is particularly interested in self-esteem, the structure and development of personality, and creating harmonious, efficient workplace cultures. He is the author of the time efficient front-line management training program, ‘People Management Certificate IV’, which has been used in the industries of Mining, Wine, and Retail.

My Mission:

“I create a world of harmony within businesses, organisations, and communities by developing supportive authority within them. ”


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