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People Management Certificate Level IV: 

“Thank you for conducting such a wonderful course for our Senior people.  …..I have also noticed my own work pressure and demands have lessened, because Senior staff are dealing with problems on the shop floor.  This has left me free to deal more with strategic issues.  I'm our work more "on" the business instead of "in" the business.

Another pleasing spin-off for our organisation was that "collusion" around the store has reduced dramatically.  This is due to the fact that this subject was emphasised by you.  Our Senior people now have the knowledge and skills to handle collusion before it becomes a major problem.

We also appreciate the follow-up you have provided.  I know that many of my people (some of whom did not even attend the course), have called you or stop you in the store to seek advice.  I know that each has been helped greatly by your good advice and are appreciative that you are there to help if needed.

It is obvious to all that you love what you do.
Yours sincerely,

Rob Outridge
(IGA Maleny Management liked the program so much they ran another one three years later.)


Counselling Skills for None-Counsellors.

 “I would like to express how much I enjoyed your workshop on Counselling Skills for None-Counsellors.
The three days were extremely educational and beneficial to me. 
Skills I have attained from our three-day workshop are:-

  1. Being able to negotiate with the triangle situation between staff.
  2. The ability to empower staff to deal with their own situations/problems.
  3. To be more aware of the feeling content from people.
  4. To listen more and not pass on my opinions as being right.
  5. Not to form an opinion or make judgments before listening to all avenues or situations.
  6. I found the P.A.C. theory to be of great importance to me.  I am finding that if I am spoken to and childlike manner, I am quick to come back on an adult level to that person.  This has been very successful.

I am convinced that I will be able to handle situations that arise in the future.
Thank you very much for a great three days."

Cheryl Clark
Regional Supervisor
NIB Health Fund Newcastle


Strategic Stress Initiative:

“An innovative and enlightening program” 

Shane Sriggins: Supervisor/Manager Caloundra City Council

Professional Development:

"When we went to a systems method [i.e. non-blame culture], everyone was accountable, there was no need to avoid blame. We had a meeting every week to discuss outstanding work - which was reduced greatly."
"It was the start of my opening up as manager."

Jason Brewer: Supervisor/Manager Caloundra City Council

Strategic Plan Facilitator

“We achieved more than we had planned for.”

Maleny Film Society


Self-Esteem Programs for Caloundra City Council.

Typical comments by participants:

PAC Effective Communication training.

Typical responses by participants to the questions:
“Did you achieve anything that you hadn’t originally planned on achieving?” 
“If so, what?”

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